S4 League for Windows 10


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  • Publisher:  Alaplaya
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S4 League is a dynamic and wonderfully colorful action game entirely designed for people looking for challenges through the Internet. Players playing the virtual character will fight against other opponents, controlled by members stationed in various parts of the world. By joining one of the teams, gain money and experience enable us to develop skills. Starting fun, it is useful to use the available in-game tutorial that is not enough, that will allow us to delve into the ins and outs of the program, it is still, after its completion will get attractive prizes. Initially, each player is only available to one (the same) form, but over time, there are new, you can change tactics. Available in-game weapons are both tools for melee and distance and only depends on the player's preference of which will benefit from them. Equipment we buy in the store, allocating the money earned during the clashes. Here it must be admitted that while shopping is to choose from. Layer audio visual program was made in a way that almost excellent, player beguiling colors and great animation.   Caution!   The download is available via download manager which is downloaded installation file game    Minimum requirements:  CPU: 2 GHz  RAM: 512 MB  Video Card: 128 MB  Free disk space: 3 GB  Sound Card: No data